Sasha Brocato - Vocals, Keys

Sasha is the newest member of Iritis. She is a classically trained vocalist and pianist that also helps with songwriting. She bounced around a few bands in Baltimore until she heard Iritis' unique blend of progressive rock and found the sound she had been searching for.

When not performing with Iritis, Sasha writes and sings on her side project called Violet.

Rahul Mukerji - Guitar

Rahul is a guitarist based in Maryland. Born in India, he has been performing live for over fifteen years. He has had a varied performing career that has included stints in Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and India.

Rahul has been featured on a wide array of recordings. His pieces were used as soundtracks for a movie in Singapore. His music was also featured on the DC local Tri-state Radio. In 2012, his music was featured in various animations and was used as the official score for the Fractal Forums web episodes.

Rahul was featured in Guitar Player magazine in Editors Picks and people to watch in 2008. He is also a guest Guitar Instructor on the Shred Academy website.

Francois Smith - Bass

Fran├žois is the bassist and primary song writer. He is the only remaining founding member of Iritis. He has performed in many different bands since the early 1990's.

His main influences are 60's and 70's progressive rock groups. His goal in writing and performing music with Iritis is to arrive at a style of music combining elements of classic progressive rock, beats and riffs from middle eastern/asian folk music, and philosophical lyrics which will spark a new trend in the DC music scene that is deeper and more reflective than most existing contemporary pop music.

McKendre Jay - Drums

McKendre has been rocking and rhyming around the country for about 15 years. Originally founded by an orchestral background, his versatile style draws from blues, latin, funk and rock and roll. After taking a year long hiatus in California to help record a collaborative hip-hop album, McKendre has found his place back in the saddle with a new style of progressive rock as the rhythm driver behind the eclectic sound of Iritis.